Suspects wanted for palm springs murder
In another case of murder the Evaton detectives are also requesting community assistance in tracing the suspect/s who stabbed an African male to death near Palmsprings stadium on Thursday at around 20:30. It is alleged that unknown people called an ambulance to Sebokeng hospital where the victim died on arrival . Read more
Hit and run driver wanted for murder
The Evaton detectives are in need of community assistance to trace the suspect/s in a case of culpable homicide which occurred on Sunday of 2016/05/01 at around or between 16:00 and 17: 00 where an African male pedestrian was bumped by an unknown motor-vehicle and was taken to Sebokeng hospital where... Read more
Evaton police briefs
The Evaton police have arrested a 24 year old man from Evaton West Ext 7 for attempted murder after he and his friends had purposely hit another man with his car and wheels-panner. An ambulance was summoned by a passer-by to take the victim to Sebokeng hospital. In another... Read more
Beware of the “wrong turns” targeting metrorail trains
The Vereeniging police have issued a strong warning to people that travels to and from Vereeniging using the Metrorail train. The police says these trains have now been targeted by a group of about fifteen to twenty boys ages between sixteen and twenty that are calling themselves “The Wrong... Read more
Business robbers storm Vereeniging
Last Sunday at about 09:00 two suspects entered a business in Beaconsfield Avenue Vereeniging, pointed the owner with a firearm, instructed her to go at back of the business premises and tied her hands. The suspects further took four people who were coming to do business to the back as well... Read more
Vereeniging police large at work
The Vereeniging SAPS managed to arrest a total of 34 people over the weekend for various crimes. Four people were arrested for shoplifting, nine for possession of drugs, one for possession of house breaking equipment another one for assault gbh, fourteen for being undocumented, two for possession of suspected stolen property, one for armed... Read more