I am writing this letter because you announced shit on our TV’s. You don’t deserve to be called honorable because you undermine black workers.You...

I am writing this letter because you announced shit on our TV’s.
You don’t deserve to be called honorable because you undermine black workers.You think we are happy about labor brokers and minimum wage of R3 500? We are the ones who are discriminated and exploited in working places (Firms,security and Retailers etc)
You are  a black capitalist and a nonwhite.

Zuma and Capitalists honored you with Deputy president position after you killed mine-workers  protecting white minerals and their profits, then you resigned as a shareholder from LonMin mine 2012.

I hate you like I hate whites.
You don’t behave like Venda African man because vendas can love and share. Sharing is Caring and you are careless about blackness’ lives.
You invested in agents(BIDVest,Capital,Kelly,Impact,Adcorp,Capacity,RSC,RCs,ZiphiNkomo,Assign & Service,Carrus,Transman etc) because this agents pay from R18/hr and working hard under abnormal hours. So you announced this because you are a business man and black exploiter.
You are not a leader and you don’t deserve to be in government.

Under labor brokers, workers have no Provident funds,No Medical aid,No Bonus,No Annual leaves,No Safety but the White privilege takes place.

You doing this for your white friends who benefit from Capitalism, therefore Labor brokers will not be banned, eTolls will not be banned, creation of quality Job will be Dololo, electricity will increase, Free education will be a dream and you will kill students like you killed mineworkers.

Banna ba go swana le lena ke ba go fagolwa, rafa dimpxa diaJa.

On the issue of labor, we need a Living wage not a minimum wage of R3 500, there is different between living wage and minimum wage, with the living wage it means we will be able to live better life, we will be living without more debts,we will go  everywhere everytime because we will be having a living wage(living salary). But with the minimum wage it means we are being conditioned on how we must live our lives, we will be more exploited,discriminated, and colonized, workers will never be free.
Workers will pay eTolls,Expensive water,electric,grocery,university fees etc with  the minimum wage of R3 500? And here I’m talking about parents not boys and girls who have no responsibilities and you Cyril Killer Ramaphosa you think R3 500 is good for the poor black families (Marginalized people).

Last time in parliament you introduced your Max Condoms which you don’t use them and I took your condoms to laboratory guess what, they don’t differ with Choice Condoms, they are still oily,stinky and Thick.
You are good in the capitalism system, whites are proud of you for being their Puppet and for vanguarding their white monopoly capital -colonial system.

Workers Revolution is coming for you Cyril killer Ramaphosa.

The spirit of Mambush and 43 other dead black people from Marikana will HAUNT you.
We as workers we will pick up spear from where they end and will continue with the struggle for Living wage and quality jobs, we will never retreat nor surrender until all the mine-workers are earning R12 500.
I will not sit and enjoy lame democracy when workers are not free and not happy. I will make sure that workers unite against the Labor brokers and against exploitation.

R3 500 must be a minimum wage of Parliamentarians because they are not working for people, they are enjoying R85 000/pm without educational qualifications and work experience. They just make noise ,eating,sleeping and fighting for plate of curry in parliament while poor people are suffering on ground. Black Workers are voters and with their votes parliamentarians are beneficiaries and  workers are taken for a ride. Mxm R3 500, Cyril Sucks!!!!

Written on personal capacity…

By Thabango Moshe from Sedibeng.


Fanelo Maseko